To Co-Sleep Or Not To Co-Sleep, That Is The Question

Co-sleeping refers to sharing the same bed as your baby. Many parents enjoy sleeping with their infant as part of the bonding experience. However, many pediatricians warn that co-sleeping can increase the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). SIDS refers to the sudden and unexplained death of an infant, which usually happens during sleep.

Safe co-sleeping for new parents

New parents do not have to miss out on being close to a new baby. But parents can so without having to worry about the risk of SIDS. The simple solution is for parents to place a bassinet or crib by the side of the bed. Room-sharing with a baby is encouraged because this can actually lower the risk of SIDS by up to 50%. So, this type of co-sleeping is good.

Co-sleeping boosts baby’s development

Medical experts say that babies who share a room for at least six months have a more highly developed sense of movements, sounds, touches, heat, and smells compared to babies who sleep in a room alone. Co-sleeping helps babies learn and grow while developing sensory distinctions.

Co-sleeping improves quality of sleep

Parents and infants who sleep in the same room all have better quality sleep. This is good for the baby because the parents are nearby, so the infant feels safe. Co-sleeping in the same room is also good for the parents because the baby is conveniently close when the time comes for feeding or diaper changing, making returning to sleep easier.

Co-sleeping reduces anxiety

Not all babies find sleeping at night easy. Co-sleeping can alleviate this issue because the baby can sense the parents are close by. This helps parents to soothe a baby who is having difficulty sleeping. Co-sleeping also reduces night-time separation anxiety.

Co-sleeping benefits nursing mothers

Co-sleeping also allows for syncing sleep cycles with mothers and babies. This is particularly effective when co-sleeping happens from the moment the baby comes home. Moms can easily tell when the baby is ready for a feed before the wailing starts. Parents co-sleeping in the same room as the baby can help build a bond and make the newborn feel safe and happy.