Our Physicians: Obstetrician & Gynecologist Fort Worth

At Texas Health Care Obstetrics and Gynecology, women’s health is our only priority. We focus on keeping our patients healthy through every phase of their lives. By beginning this type of care early on, we can help prevent many issues later in life, but we also specialize in handling any problems arising along the way.

Adolescent Care

We recommend young ladies have their first GYN checkup between the ages of 13 and 15. During these visits, we provide a comfortable atmosphere in which our patients are encouraged to ask any questions they may have. We prefer they address their concerns with us rather than among their friends where misconceptions run rampant. We also cover:

  • Emotional Disorders
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Menstruation and Common Symptoms
  • Fertility
  • Risky Behavior
  • Vaginal and Pelvic Issues
  • Breast Growth
  • HPV Vaccinations

Women’s Health and Wellness

Upon entering adulthood, ladies are encouraged to choose an OBGYN as their primary care provider. We are able to provide all the typical care they may need at one place, which helps make patients more comfortable and improves their level of care. During this stage in life, we focus on:

  • General Wellness and Gynecological Care
  • Weight Management
  • Bone Density and Mammogram Screening
  • Immunizations
  • Annual Exams and Pap Smears
  • Family Planning and Birth Control Options

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Once the time comes to start a family, we provide care for both mom and baby. This is an experience like no other, and we aim to make it as individualized as possible for each mother-to-be. We use our knowledge combined with the wishes of our patients to create a customized care plan. While the health needs of both mom and baby sometimes force us to stray from our patients’ original birthing plans, we do everything in our power to provide a satisfying birthing experience. This includes:

  • Choosing Anesthesia or Natural Childbirth
  • Common Symptoms and Warning Signs During Pregnancy
  • Ultrasounds
  • Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring
  • Gestational Diabetes Screening
  • Diet and Nutrition

Aside from generalized care, we also offer the full range of gynecologic surgeries for various conditions. Through our years of expertise, we strive to provide the highest level of care for our patients regardless of age or situation.

All Our Physicians

Lori Atkins, MD
Lori Atkins, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Catherine Bevan, MD
Catherine Bevan, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Taylor Bradley, DO
Taylor Bradley, DOObstetrics & Gynecology
Danielle Burkett, DO
Danielle Burkett, DOObstetrics & Gynecology
Lindsay Breedlove Tate, MD
Lindsay Breedlove Tate, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Kathleen E. Cammack, MD
Kathleen E. Cammack, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Douglas Decker, MD
Douglas Decker, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Michael England, MD
Michael England, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Cynthia English, DO
Cynthia English, DOObstetrics & Gynecology
Jamie Erwin, MD
Jamie Erwin, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Maurice Gagnon, MD
Maurice Gagnon, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Sunny Glenn, MD
Sunny Glenn, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Martha Guerra, MD
Martha Guerra, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
James Herd, MD
James Herd, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Gerry Hoffman, MD
Gerry Hoffman, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Mickey Hooper, DO
Mickey Hooper, DOObstetrics & Gynecology
D. Alan Johns, MD
D. Alan Johns, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Timothy Jones, DO
Timothy Jones, DOObstetrics & Gynecology
Ingrid Kohlmorgen, MD
Ingrid Kohlmorgen, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Beatrice Kutzler, MD
Beatrice Kutzler, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Alicia Larsen, MD
Alicia Larsen, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Rachel Lusby, MD
Rachel Lusby, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
William Maxwell Jr, MD
William Maxwell Jr, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Emily Maas, MD
Emily Maas, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Jennifer McLeland, MD
Jennifer McLeland, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Andrea Palmer, MD
Andrea Palmer, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Christopher Ripperda, MD
Christopher Ripperda, MDUrogynecology
Martin Read, MD
Martin Read, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Larry Tatum, MD
Larry Tatum, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Thomas Vaughan, MD
Thomas Vaughan, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Elisabeth Wagner, DO
Elisabeth Wagner, DOObstetrics & Gynecology
Michael White, MD
Michael White, MDObstetrics & Gynecology
Robert Zwernemann, MD
Robert Zwernemann, MDObstetrics & Gynecology